• A coworking space + cultivated community

    for female entrepreneurs.

    Now Open in Knoxville, TN!

  • Who Are We?

    At Girl Boss Offices, beyond simply providing a professional workspace for businesses at any growth stage, we cultivate a community that empowers and supports female entrepreneurs. GBO hosts business and personal development programs, networking opportunities, and connects entrepreneurs to local resources. GBO is by women, for women, and supports women in entrepreneurship.

    Girl Bosses (and everything else)

    Girl Bosses are women who have made their own way in the world - many as entrepreneurs. Some are moms, some are wives, some are students, some are running multiple businesses - but all are their own boss!

    A Knoxville Coworking Space

    This is an opportunity for you to move your business out of the laundry room, kitchen table or local coffee shop. A way to add a level of professionalism to your day and to present to your clients. An office to call your own, without having to worry about the printer jamming or the Fed Ex delivery.

    A Cultivated Community

    Our goal is to provide you with all of the benefits of an office space, while allowing you to be your own boss. That means colleagues to bounce ideas off of, hours that you set, meeting rooms allowing for more professional and private client conversations and meetings and a community that can support your business in a variety of ways. Being a female entrepreneur is a specific experience and at Girl Boss offices you'll be around others that understand it.

    An Inclusive Environment

    Girl Boss Offices is by women, for women, and supports women in entrepreneurship. Girl Boss Offices is an inclusive environment where applicants will be evaluated on their commitment to this mission, regardless of their perceived gender or gender identity. Girl Boss Offices does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, age or national origin.

  • What's Included?


    Desk + Chair

    Guaranteed to be comfier than the dining room table you're currently working at



    Electric + WiFi - fewer bills for you to worry about


    Awesome Coworkers

    A cultivated community of Girl Bosses to give you the colleagues you've been missing



    Office supplies, coffee, snacks, a dedicated address to use for your business, and professional development opportunities monthly

  • Prices

    Available in 3 month, 6 month and 12 month agreements

    Private Office

    with door

    Monthly Rates

    3 month lease - $700

    6 month lease - $650

    12 month lease - $625

    Shared Office

    with door and 2 desks

    Monthly Rates

    3 month lease - $400

    6 month lease - $375

    12 month lease - $350

    Assigned Desk

    in open office space

    Monthly Rates

    3 month lease - $300

    6 month lease - $275

    12 month lease - $250


  • Tour the Knoxville Office

    Take a look and enjoy!

  • Conference Room Rental

    Need somewhere to hold a team meeting, workshop or even record a podcast or some videos for social? We've got you for only $50/day. BONUS: If you sign a lease with us within 30 days, we'll apply your rental fee to your first month!

  • Heroes Art Contest!

    Our conference room walls are empty - and we're hoping to fill them with student art work! Students of any age, boys and girls, are invited to submit their artwork for a chance to be framed on our wall. Click the link below to submit electronically. Or, you can download the entry form here and drop your artwork and form off at our offices. Deadline is October 26th!

  • Our Girl Bosses

    Give each of our tenants a high five and a visit!

  • The Story of Girl Boss Offices

    a note from our founder

    I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and tell you the story of how Girl Boss Offices was launched into the world.⁣⁣

    I’m Erika – mom to 3 overly confident kiddos, wife to a college professor and corporate meeting planner for as long as I can remember. Several years ago our family had the chance to take a six month sabbatical in Canada, and that time changed my outlook on “work” in ways I never expected.⁣⁣

    The chance to slow down and re-evaluate our lifestyle, specifically the hours we were putting in at our respective offices, was a gift. I had the opportunity to see that there were ways to prioritize family and life over my job. For me, this meant striking out on my own and starting my own meeting and event company Biddix Meetings + Events.

    In the years since I’ve become my own “boss”, I’ve met countless women who’ve felt the same calling, but didn’t know how to take the next step. Female entrepreneurship became my passion, and as a serial advice-giver, I found myself connecting women with resources, making introductions, giving nudges when asked, and straight up offering pushes off ledges when warranted.⁣⁣

    The common thread in all of this was seeing the power of women working together, even when they’re working on their own. As I continued to run my business from local coffee shops, my kitchen table and the random desk in my bedroom, an idea started.⁣⁣

    Following a series of awesome encounters with other passionate women, the idea for Girl Boss Offices finally hit me in the shower during a conference in Las Vegas. I’ll never forget the rush I felt to get all of the ideas out of my head and onto paper before I forgot them. And while it didn’t feel like the “right time”, I started taking steps to get started. And all of the women I’d given nudges to started to give them to me.⁣⁣

    Like most other things I do, I plunged headfirst into this. We found the PERFECT space. Cosmic introductions started being made. And despite some obstacles, everything has just WORKED. The power of community and bravery cannot be understated in bringing Girl Boss Offices to life. And I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED to share it with you!
  • Media

    Chances we've had to talk about how awesome GBO is!

    Insisterhood Podcast
    Living East Tennessee
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    Are you a Girl Boss interested in more info? Drop your info below:

    408 Ebenezer
    Knoxville, TN 37923
    865.470.6034 ext 1010
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